Austin Chile Crisp - Our Story

If you’ve never experienced the taste of Chile Crisp, it's likely the best condiment you have not yet tasted. While tremendously popular in China, the Veracruz region of Mexico has long featured a similar style salsa known as “Salsa Macha”. Our version is a world mashup starring the Morita Chile pepper from Mexico and Aleppo pepper imported from Turkey.

Conceived in NYC and now crafted in Austin, Texas. Actually our offices are just outside in the town of Spicewood (Home of Willie Nelson). We are thrilled to name it after our adopted city of Austin and if we called it Spicewood Chile Crisp, well it sounds a bit fanciful. But in fact, we are bringing you that Spicewood magic.

Selecting from a global assortment of chiles, we discovered the slightly smoky fruity blend of Morita and Aleppo created a perfect global synergy. We then layer onions and garlic, both fried to perfection to make our signature Austin Chile Crisp.

It particularly complements any kind of protein as a topping or marinade. Think burgers, steak, chicken, seafood or eggs. It is a favorite on pasta, rice, pizza, hard cheese, cream cheese, vegetables, salads, avocado toast, Mexican food and any cuisine that calls for a savory kick. Some even delight in it on ice cream. Try it and taste how it elevates all your favorites.