Health Benefits of Chile Peppers

There have been a number of studies supporting a link between the consumption of chile peppers and longevity. The American Heart Association has released a report suggesting this very fact. It noted that chile pepper consumption may reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease by 26%. Additionally, regular intake resulted in 23% fewer cancer associated deaths when compared to those who rarely ate chiles. Overall the study found a 25% relative reduction in all-cause mortality.

"We were surprised to find that in these previously published studies, regular consumption of chile pepper was associated with an overall risk-reduction of all cause, CVD and cancer mortality. It highlights that dietary factors may play an important role in overall health," said senior author Bo Xu, M.D., cardiologist at the Cleveland Clinic's Heart, Vascular & Thoracic Institute in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Capsaicin, the compound in chile peppers that provides the heat is well known as having remarkable antioxidant properties against free radicals. Chiles also contain high levels of vitamin C, another natural antioxidant, far exceeding the levels found in oranges. Chiles demonstrate metabolism boosting properties, thereby possibly aiding in weight loss. Other benefits include decreasing your blood pressure and lowering cholesterol. Owing to these qualities, Chile peppers have been designated a superfood by some observers.

Arrangement of 4 red chile peppers