Raves for Chile Crisp Condiments


VegNews - 7/22


"AUSTIN CHILE CRISP is wielding global flavors-like Mexican Morita and Turkish Aleppo peppers-for a smoky, slightly fruity twist on traditional crisp. We're dolloping it onto our avo toasts, dumplings, and, heck, even vanilla ice cream."

New York Times - 4/13/20

Your Quarantine Cooking Needs Condiments

"Above all, though, I deploy store-bought chile crisp, a hot pepper sauce that generally relies on fried shallots and garlic for texture, and on any number of umami-rich special ingredients for distinction and oomph."

Bon Appétit - 7/24/18

Chile Crisp

"This all-purpose chile crisp - which is tangy, spicy, crunchy and addictive - will give your other condiments an inferiority complex."

Wall Street Journal - 2/20/21

Eating & Drinking -- Gamechanger: So Hot Right Now --- Sometimes a viral sensation is all it's cracked up to be. Chile crisp truly rejuvenates jaded palates.

"The "it" condiment of the pandemic, this vigorous booster of taste and texture is a gift to fatigued cooks struggling to find joy in the kitchen."

INSIDER - 2/3/21

7 ways to use chili crisp, according to professional chefs

"... chili crisp is a relative newcomer to the American condiment scene, but it's become a cult-favorite sauce with chefs and home cooks alike."

SAVEUR - 8/8/22

The Story Behind 2022's Most Viral Salad

"...chili crisp makes its way onto almost everything she's eating these days."